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National Road, America's Road, solar powered car, Huddleston Farmhouse, Indiana, Mt. Auburn

As the first and only highway in the United States to be fully funded by the Federal government the National Road has acquired a unique place in American history. Championed by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Gallatin and others during the late 1700s and early 1800s the National Road was envisioned as a means to open the Northwest Territories to settlement and trade. Authorized by Congress and signed by President Thomas Jefferson on March 29, 1806, the vision began to become a reality. It would take until 1811 for the first section of the construction to begin and until the 1840s for the road to be completed. Sadly the Federal funding for the National Road would end at Vandalia, Illinois, short of the intended goal of the Mississippi River, as the coming railroads overtook the road and made for less expensive and more efficient travel. The state of Illinois ultimately continued the effort and finished the National Road to the Mississippi River at East St. Louis, Illinois. Today the legacy of the National Road is preserved as a part of the National Scenic Byways Program.

America's Road takes you, the reader, on a journey along the six state corridor the historic National Road travels through and provides both a visual guide of key sites and an overview of the National Road's history.

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